Welcome to the St. Luke the Evangelist Early Childhood Center!  

We, at the St. Luke ECC, are very blessed to have the opportunity to teach your child. Thank you for entrusting their spiritual, mental and social development to us.  

Whether this is your first time with us, or you are returning for another great year, this is an exciting year to be a part of the ECC family. Our school is currently undergoing a much welcomed transformation. We are updating our technology in order to ensure the safety of our children and in the process improve our accountability. Online tuition payment has implemented for the convenience of our parents. Our academic framework has been rewritten to align with the State of Texas’ expectations for the education of young children. We are also incorporating concepts from the Catechetical Framework to strengthen our curriculum’s ties to Catholic teachings. Keeping a clean and sanitary campus is one of our top priorities in an effort to support our families in keeping our students happy and healthy. It is going to be a very progressive year! 

It is our intention to make your student feel welcomed into the Body of Christ. We are working to build meaningful relationships with our students and encourage them to grow through genuine learning experiences. It is our joy to share our faith and passion for knowledge with your student. We are looking forward to a fruitful and faith filled year.  

Holly Barber-Gatlin 
Director, St. Luke the Evangelist Early Childhood Center ​

Our Mission

St. Luke the Evangelist Early Childhood Center is a ministry of St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church. 

We believe that relationships are the pathway to Heaven and that teaching God’s love, through healthy relationships, is an opportunity for us to help children better understand the Kingdom of God.

We strive daily to empower students and their families to become successful, spiritual, lifelong learners and prepare each student for entry into the Catholic Schools system or public school systems.

Our History

St. Luke the Evangelist Early Childhood Center has served the Southbelt & Pearland areas for over 35 years. 

Original St. Luke the Evangelist Early Childhood Center was hosted by our main campus on Hall Rd. 

We recently relocated to our parish's newest building, the Cenacle Learning Center, in 2016 and are very excited for the future of our early childhood program.

Our Core Values
  • Understand that early childhood is a critical stage of life that must be nurtured and protected. 

  • Provide a safe environment that is encouraging, supportive and challenging. 

  • Create structured, age appropriate, classrooms with daily schedules, procedures and lessons that actively engage students through thoughtfully prepared activities, meaningful experimentation and reinforce acquired skills through continuous learning opportunities, as well as quiet times.  

  • Prepare students for elementary school by fostering a spirit of safe independence and assisting in developing their social skills and in turn, laying the foundation for healthy school relationships in the future. 

  • Offer subtle encounters with the Catholic faith through daily prayer and various liturgical celebrations throughout the year. 

  • Encourage creative learning through a craft center-based classroom structure, circle time, dramatic play areas, age appropriate manipulates, developmentally appropriate standards based curriculum and an age appropriate playground. 

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